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Friday, 10 May 2013

Using Photoshop

I don't usually use a lot of photoshop with my illustration - not because there is anything wrong with it but mostly because I don't really know what I'm doing so I thought it was about time that I learnt - I'm going to do a little bit every day - I will watch some tutorials, do some practicing and hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some idea of what I'm doing

This is yesterday's effort - I had done a cute little robot in ink and watercolour
then decided to have a play around with it in photoshop - I added a background - and some texture - and played around with levels - this is all really basic stuff and within my knowledge but I think it made  the original image so much better
My next challenge will be to put him into an environment - Though I will probably need to watch a few tutorials for that one but I will post the results on here as I do them 

If anyone knows of any really good 'basic' photoshop and illustrator tutorials that will relate to book illustration then it would be great if you could link them - I managed to find some great ones on here and would recommend these to anyone in my position of not knowing how to relate photoshop to your own artwork. 

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