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Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Monster in my Head

Today's doodle is a bit later tonight but got there in the end - Meet Sydney - this little guy lives in my head and tries to fix things - he lets me know when he thinks things need fixing and will take out his trusty hammer and hammer away at my thoughts, ideas and concepts - this would be great if he was any good at it but he has a knack of trying to fix stuff that isn't really broken and then I start to doubt what I'm doing and then eventually decide it was a crap idea - when it probably wasn't to begin with - not until Sydney started to bash it at least - I suppose we all have our own Sydneys (don't we?) We start out feeling confident in what we are doing - whether it's painting a picture, writing a story or singing a song - anything creative really and then all of a sudden we stop and think maybe we are doing it all wrong and we aren't really that good at it anyway - well it's all Sydney's fault and he needs a good kick up the arse!!
Sydney thought that i shouldn't post this picture of him because it doesn't show his good side - so i kicked him up the arse and published anyway ;)

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