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Saturday, 25 May 2013

A busy old week

Not posted all week - not because I'm lazy (honest) but it has been rather busy. With the fast approaching deadline for Amelia and the Elf I've been a busy bee doing the final artwork for that - still loads to do but I work best under pressure (gulp). I've also applied for a 'real' job this week - not something I wanted to do but something I have to do. The problem with being a single mum is that I have to do it all and that includes earning enough money to feed the little darlings so as much as I would like to sit and paint all day it is getting harder and harder to earn a living from painting alone. Not wanting to do a 'real' job isn't me being lazy - I think it's probably an easier option because at least I can guarantee money coming in and won't have to fight for every penny we get. I'm not having to work for little or no money just to get my work seen in the hope that someone recognises that maybe I'm a reasonably decent artist out of the millions of other reasonably decent artists all fighting for  the same jobs.

My big worry now is that once I'm working it will leave even less time to paint - as well as working full time I will also have the kids and house to look after so I suspect I will be falling asleep with paintbrush in hand most nights. But I will hopefully still dream of getting the break that allows me to earn a reasonable living out of doing something I love (I think that must be the same dream that most people have but one that very few get to achieve)

Anyway enough of this babbling and wallowing in self pity - here's a few pics from this week :)
A rough sketch I did while waiting in A&E - quite like this little guy 

My #twoodle for the week - using the words gnome and tortoise 

A birthday picture I made for my very dear friend Kate 

Homework for a course I'm doing in computer painting  - had to use lots of new techniques  for this  which i still don't fully understand lol 

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