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Saturday, 30 March 2013


I love to give away my art work - with the current economic climate it's not possible for a lot of people to spend money on non-essentials like paintings but that seems so unfair so every few weeks I give away a little painting - it's open to anyone and everyone - there are no silly questions to answer - all you have to do is to do a simple 'like' 'share' and 'comment' in return i get a bit of publicity for my page and you could win a cute piece of original artwork. I've tied the painting in with the current festivities so it has a bunny and an egg - I think the poor bunny is a little confused!!
Now just go to my page, 'like' my page and comment on the rabbit picture on there - then on Bank Holiday Monday at 10pm I will use a randomiser to select a winner - if you don't have Facebook then don't despair just comment under this post and it will count just the same - or even do both and double your chances!!!

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