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Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's Been a While

It seems ages since my last post - though in reality it's only been about 6 days - but it has been a stressful 6 days and that's stressful with a capital STR!!! Being creative when you are stressed is never easy - I'm never satisfied with anything I produce and just want to throw it straight in the bin - people will say it's fine and looks great but I think they are just being kind because I know it really isn't and I will never be happy with it - unfortunately this just adds to the whole stressy thing and I end up getting worse - so in future it's mini-hibernation time until all the stresses are gone and I will allow myself to paint again.

This does however affect this blog because I've got nothing interesting to show from the past week - I have been doing some media experimentation for Amelia but haven't got anything I'm particularly proud of so I'm not going to put that on here. So just to add some pretty pictures I'll show a few pictures  of things I've made that aren't paintings - I suppose it shows a bit of diversification ;)

These are little raggy dolls I make called Jeffreys - They are all made from old jumpers and shirts and give me an excuse to collect all sorts of odd buttons  - If you would like any more info on them why not pop along to  Jeffrey & Co on Facebook

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