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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mostly Amelia

I've been up to all sorts this week - although I've not got as much completed as I would like there has been a litte bit of everything - I now have a self imposed deadline for Amelia and The Mental Elf and that will help me to focus - I'm rubbish without deadlines - so easily distracted......oh look it's a squirrel!!! I'm also doing stuff for the Amelia website (which I'll link as soon as it's done) that is going to be so much fun - you will even be able to adopt a Bok-Bok (small, hairy critter with an insatiable appetite)

On Tuesday I'm off on my 'jolly's' for a few days - a mini-cruise to Amsterdam - how good does that sound - though we only get 5 hours in Amsterdam and you have to buy all your food on the boat (extortionate prices) so got to try to smuggle food on board to save a small fortune - hopefully we won't get keel-hauled if we get caught - but it will all add to the excitement - I'm thinking of doing a series of pirate pictures while on board just to add to the ambiance :)

Here's a few pictures from this week just to show I've not been totally idle ;)

black and white illustration for Amelia

Page of Bok-Boks for the website

Map for the website

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