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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Urge to Paint

This may sound a little odd but I have a real urge to paint a picture - the trouble is it's not a picture that I should  be painting - I have portrait commissions and illustrations to paint and these are the things that my head is telling me that I need to get done but I want to do something purely for me - I suppose this is the problem when you are doing something you love as a job - it takes so much of the fun and spontaneity out of it and you are just doing stuff on a production line and thinking all the time ways of making money from it. So now I'm faced with a dilemma - do I do the painting and get it out of my system so I can move on or do I shove it to the back of my brain and accept the fact that life isn't all about what you want to do but what you need to do!! I suppose it's all about being a grown up and at my age I should have learnt to cope with these sorts of decisions years ago but I don't really feel much like a grown up. Maybe because most of my time is spent thinking about cute creatures and children's stories - switching between that and paying a gas bill isn't always so easy so I tend to stay in my little world of cuteness and only daring to go out into the real world in times of crisis.

The only real conclusion I can come to is to try to divide my time and maybe allow myself a couple of hours a day to do the 'me' painting and the rest of time on everything else - so tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a canvas and start planning!

I've added this purely because I needed a picture of some sort and I though 'Pigs in.....Muck' would nicely illustrate what i'm saying :)

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