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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Illustration Today

I spend many many many hours surfing the net looking at other illustrators work - I am often left feeling so depressed when I see illustrators like Gerald Kelley David Melling and most of all Jean-Baptiste Monge (my absolute hero) - their work is just so beautiful to look at and is what has inspired me to illustrate. Each one of these artists has talent and a skill to draw that is way above my own ability and probably always will be. But the value of looking at the work of artists that inspire you is that you will work harder to be as good as they are and even if it's an unreachable goal it's got to be worth trying. I feel bad for not adding other artists to the list now because I'm inspired by so many so i'll just add a few more

Chris Riddell
Korky Paul
Paul Kidby

Please have a look at their work and hopefully you will feel inspired too or at least they will make you smile :)

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