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Monday, 25 March 2013


Over the last few weeks I've been hatching various hare-brained plans to try to avoid going back to teaching to earn a living. This is partly because of my hatred and fear of going back into the classroom - now don't get me wrong - I loved teaching the kids - it is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world but it's all the other crap you have to put up with - the backstabbing in the staff room - the horrendous amounts of bureaucracy and needless paperwork and to top it all, being blamed for all the ills of society. Plus I want to paint pictures for a living - is that so very wrong! - I'm not expecting to earn a fortune at it, just enough to keep me and the kids relatively well fed and happy.

Book illustration isn't going to make me any money anytime soon but it's number one on my list of what I want to do with my life so I'm happy to be patient with that (despite last week's major melt-down). I can make money from doing pet portraits - to me, that is my bread and butter work but it's not always reliable - I need to do at least 2 a week but with the state of the economy unfortunately means they don't come along that often - so now to the hare-brained schemes - I've worked out that if I do a wide variety of things then it will appeal to a wide range of customers so I'm now offering for sale Pet Caricatures (a cheaper alternative to the pet portrait) - Greetings Cards - made to order for whatever the occasion and lots of cute little paintings of whatever I fancy at the time - so I have set up my Etsy Shop in preparation and trying to build up the number of 'Likers' on Facebook

   I am desperately looking for future hare-brained schemes to make a bit of money to fund my illustration 'addiction' so please feel free to make suggestions (honest ones) either on here or my Facebook page.

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