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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Juggling Time

Working from home is never easy when you have a family - as the mother of 7 boys (only 5 left at home now though) I've spent the majority of my life learning to juggle. With the Easter holiday fast approaching and the prospect of a house full of kids for 2 very long weeks I know that I will be fighting for the peace to paint and draw. I could take a 2 week holiday and not touch a paintbrush for a fortnight but  I think that might just be a little counter productive, as I need to be creating something to be totally happy so I will aim to grab the peace where I can and work on things that are easy to stop and start. I will indulge my latest passion for cake baking (and cake eating) with the help of my littlest apprentice and we can decorate fairy cakes with sheep faces.

Next week my plans include making a start on getting my sheep book ready for submission to some publishers, working on Amelia and the Mental Elf and making a start on some dog portrait commissions. These plans could be totally different when the reality hits of having the bratlings around 24/7 but the intentions are good!!

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