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Friday, 29 March 2013

Love and Other Chairs

Spent a few hours on a film set today - YSP Media's film Love and Other Chairs - Number 2 son (Karl) was Director of Photography so I get to go along and watch - I take along a sketch book and seem to get loads of work done - whether it's because I'm surrounded by so many creative people but I can concentrate better even though I'm being nosey and observing what is going on around me. YSP shoots are always fun and pretty relaxed which I think is what gets them the excellent results. So I thought I'd share with you one of the drawings I did - not sure what part of my brain it came from - it just started with an eye shape and grew - I had no idea what I was doing until fairly near the end - I love drawing in this way because there are no preconceptions of what it should be - it is whatever it becomes so is as much of surprise to me as it is to anyone else.

I did a couple of sketches for Amelia and the Mental Elf as well but you will have to wait to see them!!

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