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Sunday, 24 March 2013

A pile of sheep

I decided to start this Blog with a pile of sheep - I love to draw sheep so sheep in this quantity should be 9 times as much fun.

I am planning a new children's book featuring sheep so they will pop up on quite a regular basis throughout this blog. I have a couple of reasons for starting a blog - Number 1 - apparently Art Directors from publishers love blogs and will ofter select illustrators based on their blog and as I'm desperate to scrape a living from drawing sheep and other stuff then thought I would try this out - Number 2 - hopefully other illustrators might read this and offer me tips on how to get published and these tips might also be useful for other illustrators so we end up with a mutual tip sharing experience and Number 3 (I know I said a couple but you will soon learn that I tend to ramble on a bit) - I like to ramble on a bit and hopefully occasionally it might be a bit amusing to whoever is reading it.

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