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Friday, 2 August 2013


Bobbins are my latest creation. They came about after a discussion with a family member, she always calls her children Bobbins and it's always made me smile. She then asked if I could turn a Bobbin into a creature as she always wondered what they would look like. Now I love a challenge so set about drawing them - as I was working it occurred to me that although they should be cute it would be fun to have them as a bit mischievous and that maybe they should be the ones that do all the bad things that happen around the home - the broken electrical items or the broken eggs in the egg box and also from that there were other suggestions that maybe these were the ones that hid all the socks! Well I'm on a roll now and can't stop thinking about the little mites that are hiding under our beds and behind our wardrobes. These are the first few....I suspect there will be many many more!

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