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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bobbins Competition

I'm running a competition through Facebook to win your very own Bobbins Picture - It will be totally original and you get to choose what your Bobbin is getting up to - I usually run all my competitions on Facebook and people just do a like and a share and then I use a Random Picker to pick out a winner - I've been advised that it's a bit risky doing this and Facebook aren't too keen and can close down the page so I'm doing it through here this time - so if you would like to enter to win then all you have to do is leave a comment on here - I would still appreciate you liking my page or sharing this competition (the more this happens the more likely I am to run loads more giveaways)

1st Prize - An original Bobbin picture doing whatever mischief you can think of (nothing rude)

2 x Runners-up A Bobbins print 

Just comment below with what you would have your Bobbin doing - the winner will be drawn out on 18th August 2013 at 8pm

my facebook page is HERE 


  1. eeek am i the first to comment?!
    would love an original Bobbin! - I'm always losing my promarkers, I'm blaming them for it!
    tim budgen illustration

  2. yup they like to do a bit of colouring in - keep your eye out for any random graffiti around the house ;)

  3. Hello, I think a Bobbin would look fab playing guitar like George Harrison, maybe in a Beatle wig too. :)

  4. My bobbin would be showing my kittens naughty tricks like curtain climbing i think
    karen x

  5. Mine would be hiding my keys and my glasses... (probably wearing my glasses!)

    Carol S

  6. love the key thief bobbin :o) Sandra xx