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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A New Chapter

Lots of big changes happening here at the moment - When I started down the illustration route I knew that I only had a limited time to be able to earn a living from it before I would have to give up and get a job that paid regular wages and as no agents or publishers are banging on my door  I have now reached that point - a while ago I applied for a job teaching kids that have been excluded from mainstream schools and I found out yesterday that I got the job and start on Monday - I must admit I'm rather looking forward to it and it will certainly be a challenge! But this means that much of the art and illustration will take a back burner for now - I am now frantically trying to get all my commissions completed before Monday! - I will still be taking on a few illustration jobs if I get any and I have a couple of pet portraits to do but my days of drawing and doodling will be limited. I will also be teaching a few art classes for Straightcurves Crafts in Chesterfield - I will link those here as soon as I know the details!

A few pictures that I've done this week


  1. You do lovely work, Lynn! Good luck with your new job!

  2. You illustrations are wonderful! I love that last little bird! Good luck with your new teaching adventure!