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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bobbin Winner and Other Stuff

I drew out the winners for the Bobbin competition at the weekend and had a very excited winner who requested a Bobbin in a witches hat with a cauldron so this was her prize

I'm going to be doing my next prize draw when my facebook page reaches 500 likes so pop along and press that button! Not far to go now 

I've also been working on a comic strip this week - this is something new to me - I've been doing them as part of the Crazy Cartoon Experiment - lots of comic artists are given a theme and then we see what they all come up with - The theme I've been working on is 'Helium Filled Dog Approaches A Cactus' 
These are a couple of pictures I've done for it so far - they are still more like illustrations than a comic strip but I can play around with them in photoshop when they are all done and make them more comic-strip-like. 

Check out Jon's blog for more details CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT

and I'll leave you with a couple of cute critters that have appeared from my pencil this week!!

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