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Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Funny Old Week

Had a busy week of doing nothing really - I've managed to turn out lots of new drawings - I'm having so much fun doing my latest style of pictures and there is always a queue of them waiting to escape from my pencil so it's never really 'hard' work I suppose - but my full time illustrating days are nearly over - another few weeks and I'll be working full time again either supply teaching or doing the other job I've applied for (fingers crossed please) - It's going to be a big change to my life - I've not worked in a proper job for years and it's like giving up on my dream - but the reality is that bills have to be paid and unless you are very good or very lucky then to make a living out of illustrating as well as raising a large family all by yourself is never really going to happen - So soon my drawing will take place at weekends only (if I'm not too busy recovering from a week of working with kids) Hopefully I'll still keep trying to  find a way to live my dream (either find a very nice agent or a very rich husband) - In the meantime though  I'm going to turn out as many creations as possible while I can - Here's a few to be going on with :)

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