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Sunday, 23 June 2013

I'm Still Alive

wow look how long it is since my last blog - I have been rather busy though - I finished my last illustration for Amelia and the Elf and hoping to announce a publication date soon. It's so exciting - these are my first published illustrations - a big thanks to Si Wall - the author - for giving me this opportunity - I've certainly learnt a lot doing it but now it's made me more desperate to be an illustrator so will be disappointed if I end up not pursuing the dream because of having to pay stupid bills!!

I've also been busy re-launching Jeffrey & Co - for those that don't know about Jeffreys - they are hand made raggy-dolls that all have a certain attitude (grumpy) each one is individual as I don't use any patterns and generally make it all up as I go along - There has been lots of interest and a few commissions so I'm now also making a few accessories to add to their individuality.

Here is a selection of pictures I've done from the last few weeks - hope you like them
I wanted to do a selection of people with face furniture - eg hats, monocles etc 

My new Twitter background

My son made a documentary and I illustrated a few funny moments

#Twoodle using the words Squirrel and Hamburger

This is a prize I did for the launch party for a new sitcom called 'Jobseekers'